Still Lifes Ala Prima

All featured still-life painting artworks are performed ala prima (Italian for 'at first attempt', ). It means they were painted in sight of the subject, often in a single session. 

Most of the paintings featured here are in public or private collections. Please check the store for current artworks available for purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific request or commission.

Still Lifes (Ala Prima)

Lilacs in a White Vase
A Spring Stir
Spring Flowers
Flowers for a Loved One
Lilacs in a White Vase
A Moonlit Bouquet
Roses in a Glass Vase
Sunflowers in a Basket
Still-lifes with Roses
A Lush Bouquet
Sunflowers in a Chinese Vase
Lilacs in a Jug
Roses and Lilies
Spring Flowers
Sunflowers in a Basket
Still-lifes with Poppies
Roses and Chamomile
Wild Flowers and Sunflowers
Peonies in a Glass Vase
Ringing of Lilacs
Roses Against the Pink
A Sunny Bouquet
Still-life With Roses
Sunflowers in a Blue Jug
Peonies Near The Window
Roses and Delphiniums
Lilacs and Irises.
Roses in a Basket
Sweet May
Spring Flowers Against the Painting
Wild Flowers in a Basket
Irises and Peonies
Lilacs. Light From the Windows
A Melon
A Rose Bouquet
A Lilac Bouquet in the Open Air
Lilacs Near The Window
Yellow Tulips
A Morning Bouquet
Lilacs in the Basket
Irises Against The Blue Background
Apples and a Melon
Svetlanka's Bouquet
A Blue Bouquet